Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009

Sunshine Cleaning

I just watched a good film, "Sunshine Cleaning". It is the story of two sisters, Rose and Norah, who work in a very unusual condition. They work in the field of biohazard removal and crime-scene cleanup service. You know, when people die, it can be kind of messy. So, what they do is, they go in and clean up the mess and make sure that everything is clean and sanitary.

Norah used to be a waitress in a caffee. But she was fired because she was too lazy. Rose used to be a maid. But she never told any of her friends about her job. Her friends have rich husband, so they don't have to work. While she was just a maid, with one kid and no husband. One day, she met one of her friend accidentally. Her friend asked her about her job. But she didn't tell the truth. She said that she had a real estate business.

Rose's son was dropped out from his school. So, she had to put him in a private school. But study in a private shool needs much money. As a maid, she didn't earn that much. So, she had to find another job which can give her more money. Then she and her sister decided to work as crime-scene cleanup service. It's a hard job. They have to deal with blood and something smelly (very smelly!). But the money was good. They can earned $500 for one place. They start their job as an amateur. They just clean the place with simple equipments. But then, after several works, they become professional. They come to a seminar about Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP). It's important because some people don't realize the safety risks involve in the removal of blood and body fluid. They work using specialized equipments. And they have their own bussiness, named "Sunshine Cleaning".

When Rose's friends heard about her job, they underestimate her. But one good point that I like about Rose is, she still thinks in a positive way. She doesn't think that her job is bad. She likes her job. She thinks that her job is helpfull. She says, "We come into people's live when they have experienced something profound and sad, they have lost somebody, and the circumstances they're always different, but that's the same, and we help. In some small way, we help." And I agree with that. Her job is fine. Nothing's wrong with it. She just want to live her life, and her family.

Well then, this film gives a good point of view for me. The moral of the story is, don't ever underestimate a job. If you have a friend in Rose's position, don't underestimate her/him. Maybe she/he just needs money and that's the way she/he can do. Find a good job is not easy, you know. So, support her/him. If you are in Rose's position, don't be ashamed of what you do. Be proud of it. Don't care what people say. Don't fill up your head with he-said she-said. As long as what you do is good, do your job. Live your life.

Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

Me Vs My Parents

Me versus my parents. It doesn't mean that I against my parents. But it is our thoughts. We always think in a different way.

Here comes the story. Since I was in Elementary School until Senior High School, I didn't have any problems. I was happy with what I did. In elementary school, I was always in the top 5 or 10 in the class. In Junior High School and Senior High School, I was always in the top 3 in the class. I like Biology, and my Biology score was always excellent. I also love to study the human body. When I was in the third grade in Senior High School, I decided to take medical school, because I wanna be a doctor. But suddenly my dad didn't allow me. He said that medical school is too long. He told me to take engineering. I didn't want it. I don't like engineering. I also don't like math and physics. If I study engineering, then I must study math and physics. And I don't want it. I don't want to be an engineer! I wanna be a doctor!

But, my dad still didn't agree. So, yeah, I took Pharmaceutical Engineering in a university located in BSD. At first, I felt so hard to study engineering, because basically I didn't like it. But I didn't want to dissapoint my parents. They have spent so much money for my study. Then, I struggled so hard to study engineering. Sometimes, an envy feeling appeared in my heart if i looked to my friends who study in the Medical school. But then I kept myself to stay in the line. Stay in what I've taken.

Finally, I've finished my study as a Bachelor of Engineering. And now, I am facing to choices again. Should I start to work? Or should I continue to Master's program? If I should continue to Master's program, which faculty should I choose? Biotechnology? Business? Or another engineering? Actually, I wanna take Master's program. I wanna take Biotechnology. In Germany perhaps. But as always, my Dad wants another way. He wants me to work. So does my Mom. It doesn't mean that my Dad doesn't agree if I take Master's program, but he wants me to work first for somewhile, then after that I can take Master's program.

Well, ur wish is my command, Dad. I know, we always argue, but I always obey u. We'll see what will happen next. I'm just hoping the best for me and my parents.

Nights in Rodanthe

One of my bestfriends recommended me a drama romantic film, "Nights in Rodanthe". I just watched it last nite. Yeah it's an old film, I know. But better late to watch it than never 'aight? hahaha.

And yes, the film is very romantic and sad. I cried when I was watching it. hahaha.

After I watched it, some thoughts appeared in my mind.

- I want a future husband like Richard Gere in that film.
- I want a house near the beach.
- I want that blue room.

Hahaha silly.. Well, at the end, I just wanna say that it's a great film. Can't wait to watch the other film!

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Life isn't Fair

There's one statement that is always bounching in my mind.

"Neighbor's grass is always greener than mine."

I'm agree with that.
I just feel that my life's not fair.

I want a miracle. God, please make it happen.