Senin, 21 September 2009

Family Vacation

Lebaran this year is different from last years. Couple years ago, I used to spent my Lebaran's holiday by going to Kebumen with my family. Kebumen is my father's hometown. Usually we spent 2 days there, and after that we go to another city or island, like Bali, Tawangmangu, Dieng, Yogyakarta, Pangandaran, or Baturraden. But lately, we never visit Kebumen anymore. We usually spent our Lebaran's holiday in Puncak or Bandung. And that's boring. But this year we went to Tanjung Lesung. Actually that's my idea, because some of my friends said that the beach in Tanjung Lesung is beautiful.

Some people don't know where Tanjung Lesung is. Do you know where it is? Well, Tanjung Lesung is in Banten, West Java. If you know Anyer and Carita, Tanjung Lesung is near them. Yesterday, me and my family went there by car. Actually, it's quite far from my house. It took 4-5 hours to reach there. But that's alright, because the road was good. And finally we arrived in Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort and we went to the Beach Club. It wasn't too crowded. Strange, because it was a holiday. But well, I like it. Because when it isn't crowded, then it is cleaner. And it felt like I'm having my own beach. hehe. And it's true, the beach was beautiful. The sand was white, the water was blue, the sky was clear, the air was clean. Oh, HEAVEN ON EARTH!! And you know what, there was no wave there. So, it felt like swimming in a swimming pool. And that's great! There was also water sport there, like banana boat, jet ski, canoe, and sailing.

After we were swimming at the beach, I thought that we will spent the night in a hotel in Tanjung Lesung. But no, it wasn't. My Dad took us to Carita to spent the night there. Well, that's cool! 'Cause I've never been to Carita. We arrived in Carita in the evening, and we directly went to the hotel to take some rest. This morning, we woke up early and went to the beach. It was more crowded than in Tanjung Lesung. The sand was darker and the water was more wavy. But the wave was good. Me and my brothers went surfing and riding a banana boat. While my Dad and Mom were lying down under the tree, enjoying the panorama and air, and drinking coconut water. It was nice to see them together.

After we played at the beach, I thought that our next destination is home. But not yet. My Dad took us to Karang Bolong. It's near Carita. When we arrived there, it was so crowded. I don't know why. And it looked dirty. But actually the panorama was good. Karang Bolong is also a beach but there is a unique big coral with a big hole at its center. Cool! We can also climb up the coral. And the view from the top of the coral was SUPER GREAT!! Karang Bolong was the dating place of my parents. So, i think they were kinda remembering their sweet past time. hehe.

Then finally we went back home, with sunburned-skin. The side effect of swimming for 5 hours at the beach. Nevertheless, I'm SOOO HAPPY for this vacation. I had SO MUCH FUN with my family. This Lebaran is very memorable for me. Thank's God for everything..

Jumat, 18 September 2009

Lover Undercover

I don't need anything more than I got
I'll make it simple when others may not

Whenever you need some company
Some love of a different kind
Come to your lover, undercover
And let me ease your mind

Whenever your heart beats heavy
And worry has got you down
Come to your lover, undercover
And I will turn your mood around

Why you wanna leave when it's so easy just to stay?
Lying wrapped up in my arms, until break of day

Whenever you need a soft touch
Know my demands are small
Make me a lover, undercover
Or don't ever love me at all

[Melody Gardot - Lover Undercover]

This song is awesome!! Best part --> Why you wanna leave when it's so easy just to stay?
It's kinda: I'll give my best to you. Just come to me. As simple as that. You know that it's easy just to stay. But why do you wanna leave?